Public Speaking Tips From A Motivational Speaker

I recently encountered a motivational speaker at a conference I attended for work. After his presentation was over, I was able to talk to him about how he was able to speak so eloquently.

I’m going to share with you some public speaking exercises that he shared with me that can help take the edge off before you ever step on stage. I know it can get tough especially the last 30 minutes before you’re expected to speak, so I’ll share with you some of things I do.

Try to relax. I know that’s just a stupid statement to start with but there are little exercises, especially with self hypnosis that can help you relax. Self hypnosis never worked for me, but before you put yourself in a hypnotic state, you first have to relax and these are the exercises you can use. You need a quiet place where you can focus for a few minutes.

You want to start thinking about your finger tips and how the muscles can relax. Feel them lose their tension, than move up your finger to your hand. The idea is to keep moving up until you hit all of your body.

The next exercise should be you watching yourself do this speech, and doing it calmly. Sometimes looking at through a television screen can make it a little easier. The idea is that you want to run it through your mind that you’re going to calm when you do this speech. You want to show your mind how a calm speech looks and exactly what you do during that speech.

Lastly, be prepared for your speech. That’s just really the most important thing you can do to relax. If you know your speech well enough, it takes a lot of the edge off. Maybe you’re a little nervous about the questions at the end. Practice this. Have someone ask you questions related to your speech. Ones you’ve never heard. It’ll teach you to think on your feet.

People who have a real public speaking fear can be worried about just speaking a little louder in a public place let alone speaking in public to tens, hundreds or thousands of people in a hall or auditorium. It is just the fear of first being under the scrutiny of a number of people and secondly the actual act of having something to say in public.

If you have public speaking fear it means that you are sadly missing out on so many pleasures. The opportunity to get your point across, to make people laugh and most importantly to share your experience or knowledge in public with others.If you suffer from public speaking fear it is possible that your career will suffer considerably because you won’t be as well favored as others who may not be as qualified but are ‘heard’ more often.

Happily public speaking fear can be overcome in a number of ways. Probably the most important way to overcome any public speaking fear you might have is to believe in yourself, start to listen to what you have to say and recognize that you make sense and in fact a lot more sense than most of the people around you.

Then start to tell others your ideas and watch your confidence grow until your public speaking fear has vanished. When you overcome these issues you can get up on stage like many of the best motivational speakers. If you are interested in learning more about what motivational speakers do, read this article.

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