How To Start Your Speech The Right Way

If you have ever been asked to get up on stage and give a presentation, then you know that how you start your speech is going to be critical so that you can gain the attention of your audience. Without the right introduction, you will lose peoples commitment to listen to the rest of your presentation.

Being a keynote speaker is not easy which is why you must practice and understand everything that is involved with it.

One of the first words you should say in a speech, and what are the last words you should say in a speech. Now tomorrow, I don’t know how many of you are speaking, but I guarantee if you go to conferences, 19 out of 20 speakers will start in one of these ways number one. I’m from tango and this talk is about the latest trend in monitoring strategies. Now all of you are sitting with a piece of paper in front of you. That says I’m a professional public speaker and I’ve come from Ireland, and I’m going to talk about tango 0-4 and this.

So by repeating what you already know, I’m giving a signal that it’s a time to get your smartphone out. I’ve just signals that this talk is and opportunity to reconnect with your phone make sure the office is ok, maybe get some plans together for the weekend.

Another way to start your speech

The lights and some of the mics working and how much time have I got.Is it is it plugged in? You laugh, but I guarantee tomorrow. There’s going to be some moments,They get a little bit up,And,Why because this is for some of you the first time you see this individual. They’re here as a leader in their industry and your kid at school presenting on giraffes does a better job,

That’s sad. I think there’s only three ways of starting a speech. And it’s the same if you went into a bar and there’s a group of people as a networking event much like you were at before you walked into this room and maybe I came up to a group. There’s group of three people who are having a little conversation. I walk in and I say hi. I’m Connor, I’m Irish 38 years old I have an interest in sailing. I like running and they’ve walked away. How do you get people to engage with you when you’re networking?

Engaging dialogue

I say in networking the best thing you can do is walk up. I think we know someone in common,Try and walk away when someone comes up and says that to you,Hopefully, you’ve done your research, so you do know that you’ve know someone in common, but with LinkedIn,You can find out who knows who on anyone you want?

So how do you start a speech the right way?

The first way – With a question that matters to the audience. How do you phrase a problem that the audience faces in a question. So that’d be the third best way of starting a speech. The second best way of starting a speech with a factoid that shocks. There’s more people alive today than have ever died,More people alive today than have ever died. There’s a lot of speeches that can follow on from there. Every two minutes.

The energy reaching the earth from the Sun is, equivalent to the whole annual usage of humanity. All the energy all the cars everything moving all the lighting all the air conditioning of the world in,One year is equivalent to two minutes of Sun. Does that change how you think about energy,So what’s a fact that shocks the audience into rethinking?,and,Google has transformed your ability to get at these facts,Given two or three minutes you can find out one whether anything I’ve said is true,But you trust me because I,Look the part, and I’m from ESA,those are in fact two true facts.

I usually get someone come up to me and are you sure but how do they measure dead and alive,But it’s true, and it’s not even close,But the best way to,Start a speech and the way that I hope all of you use from now forward,is the same way,We start a story to a child,Now how do we start a story to a child?,And I say once upon a time. And what happens when you say once upon a time I can tell you what happens when I say once upon a time my daughter,leans forward,gets ready to hear,engages,and,We were all trained as kids,to know when a story’s coming,We also know when a teacher is about to deliver a 40 minute boring lecture that has no impact on our lives.

So if you are serious about being a speaker, its important that you understand some basic mechanics of how to start a speech the right way.

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