How To Deal With A Struggling Teenager

If you are like most parents, chances are when your child reaches the teenage years things can become very difficult. From listening to loud music, being lazy and unmotivated, or becoming defiant and rebellious, every parent dreads the moment when their good little boy or girl becomes the troubled teen.

Teenagers who don’t love themselves call other people who do, egoistic and arrogant. Why? Cause your persona is weak so you can make yourself better then me, by calling me egomaniac OK… I will be egomaniac, but you will die from cigarettes or alcohol. When you love yourself you will not let yourself fail to the point where there is no back. If 9 people fail so I can success they don’t love their self enough, not my fault and not my ego, they don’t want to be where they could if i failed instead of them… Love yourself so you can love others!

Americans always have these powerful sayings and inspirational quotes to help motivate teenagers that sounds so true. But the fact of the matter is they rarely are. Instead these different sayings make market due to their punch and power, not their content if you analyze it. This can be very confusing for some teenagers who might believe these things.

Teens are confused in today’s world and that’s why all these self named gurus appear with semi-wisdom that the masses loves hearing. It’s all bull if you ask me. The material wins that this actor speaks of gives you nothing and you won’t grow, but the materialism will end up owning you, not the other way around. This is why its much better for your teen to work with a life coach or mentor rather than just hearing some nice motivational words.

Whats being left out is the fact that your will follows your insights. You can do what you want, but you can not want what you want – just like Schopenhauer said. Your WANTING changes with your INSIGHTS. I´m not talking about awareness which is only one aspect of insight. Ever asked yourself why you did things “wrong” in the past which you would probably do better now? Well, that’s because of insights. Call it wisdom if you like.

There is a book named “getting things done without a spark of self-discipline”. Free life is not about discipline, its about what you really love to for yourself – not for others, not to impress others, not to follow their ideas – just for yourself because you love to do it. All the rest is a performance – which means that you stride away from yourself.

The way to your inner self is a way of love, not of discipline. Again, you don´t need discipline to do things you love. Well, I guess few people will understand this. We are being brought up to become performers, not free people. It´s hard to get rid of those old patterns. Good luck, you who read this. May you learn to lovingly connect to your inner child.

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