Can An Online Coach Help You Reach Your Goals?

When it comes to reaching your goals, its important to look at all the options you have available these days. And because people are so busy with very little time to add more activities in their life, it can be challenging to drive across the town and waste an hour in traffic just to meet with someone. This is especially true for students or working professionals.

In the last couple of years online coaching have been addressing these issues with great success. While there are still some drawbacks to serving clients in this way, for the most part it is showing a lot of positive signs. In a recent discussion with some clients, we discussed on a group coaching call some of their feelings and thoughts on the idea of goal setting and reaching their full potential.

I’ve been feeling stressed everyday because of the amount of heavy assignments that are required by my university courses and the pressure of doing well in order to get into the post graduate I want and the career I dream of. Over all of this I never thought to slow down and really take things one step at a time, and because of that I was wasting half of my time stressing about the whole instead of focussing on the ‘grey squares’. This talk has really opened my eyes. I feel now that I really do have the ability to do what I want to do. Thank you.

Here’s what’s really impressive about these very interesting statistics. Novak doesn’t control any of them. If you’ve ever coached, played, or officiated ANY SPORT this stands out as an idiotic statement. Novak controls almost all of it… Of course the road to victory is built one action at a time but this speaker is illiterate when it comes to the mentality that great athletes have.

Instead of assuming that I would suddenly settle down and focus on learning, I decided to assume I wouldn’t. And so if I wanted to achieve the type of outcome that I desired (doing well in school), I was going to have to actually change my approach.” That’s a great approach. Definitely going to try that. A big reason why I’m such a master procrastinator, I think, is because I’m constantly assuming that I could stop procrastinating anytime I want.

One thing that is becoming more evident to me is that a significant amount of very successful people are not “motivated”, “driven”, and do not always have a sense of deep purpose which is why its useful to hire a life coach.

Some successful people do not have much energy or talent to work with. So, these people need to be strategic with how they spend their resources.

I remember hearing a similar story to this man’s about a lady who broke the world record for the greatest amount of times for a woman to swim the English channel. Her philosophy is similar to this man’s. During the countless hours of swimming she would keep repeating “just 10 more minutes”.

This is a good idea if you wish to avoid being overwhelmed. Know where you want to get to – but then focus on what’s in front of you. Don’t waste your time taking on battles you’re not ready for. Take on the battles you can win and eventually you’ll be more than ready for bigger ones.

Very inspiring and I love that there is a common trait “ambition ” . He broke it down early how simple it is. The feeling of achieving a goal sets motivation to achieve more goals. HOWEVER, one part that got me was in the German language section. This is the only time he mentioned his kids. As a father, time is not as available. But I will take this and achieve my goals

You see what stands between us and achieving even our most ambitious dreams has far less to do with possessing some magical skill or talent, and far more to do with how we approach problems and make decisions to solve them.
But i didn’t stop there because the truth of the matter is I’m an undisciplined person and i knew that at some point id switch away from the language and go back to the music, so i removed that temptation by removing all of the music.
Marginal adjustment to my daily routine, to my process and now i can speak some German.
It;s about picking up a book and reading one word, if you read one word you’ll read 2 words, 3 words, a sentence, a paragraph, a page, a chapter, a book, you’ll read 10 books, 30 books, 50 books.
All i do i take really big ambitious projects and people seem to marvel at, break them down to their simplest form and then just make marginal improvements along the way to improve my odds of achieving them.
And so the whole reason I’m giving this talk is that I’m hoping to inspire several of you to pull some of those ambitious dreams that you have for yourself off the bookshelf and start pursuing them by making that marginal adjustment to your routine.

Obviously these “marginal adjustments” must be kept up. So, you must create a habit. Some say this takes about 60 days to make happen consistently. But; I believe this should be of a nature that is of benefit to you (otherwise, why would you do it?) So, the way I see it you must make a list with all the reasons you need to implement these marginal adjustments. Please feel free to add any suggestions you may have to this comment.

don’t believe it at all! I work so hard with my studying and it really takes me hours and hours, there is no short cut, and I don’t have time at the end of the day for any thing else, of course I go on procrastinating as my brain needs to wind down, we all need some down time. But I just don’t see this working in my life. My life coach taught me that if you work hard and smart results will happen.

I’ve been putting the one tiny step at a time thing into practice for the last 6 months and it’s helping me to write my PhD. But I have to say, that yarn bombing thing sounds like a waste of time. Only someone who has a lot of resources and time on their hands would find time to do this. Who is it helping?

Yes, that’s what I have been doing in the recent year – meditate during my commute, listen to life-improving audiobooks when walking and doing chores, wear ankle weights under my business suit, practice martial arts at the bus stop, hack my sleep, etc. – but it’s nice to have a good term for it.

This is a principle others espouse, but I have never seen it explained so clearly the way he does. Basically, breaking tasks into manageable amounts like the expression, “how do you eat an elephant?”. He applies it to large tasks like making the Dean’s List and small tasks like crocheting. I think another distinction is only 5-10 minutes of an activity at a time.

He achieves so many things in his little life. Few people can’t do that. I’m also a very undisciplined guy and recently the same idea comes in my mind. Break down every decision in little tasks that I could achieve with little focus and it works. It really works. I hope one day I could achieve so many projects and live my life at it

This is so inspiring because the person achieved his goals after considering that he won’t change all of sudden one day from a C student who couldn’t concentrate to an A student who could concentrate. After accepting this reality that overnight wonders wont happen, he began to change slowly. One step at a time. I think the small steps that he took made a difference in his life. This is something we all need to do. Accept who we are completely and not lie to ourselves that some spider will bite us and change of our life fir good.

Yes it is like the idea of start with your one year, five year goals in mind. For each one, work backwards to the monthly, weekly, then daily goals, and he takes it a step further to the minute by minute stuff, and the minute decisions as it were. All making you more likely to succeed in a given goal.

The guy forgot to mention he is super determined. Most people with 5 minute attention spans don’t have the determination to keep going back to things which this guy had to do a million times. Being successful requires determination which is the very thing short attention people lack or they would stick at things. He bases his whole thing on breaking things up into manageable units. Not a bad notion, but came out ions ago as a mental trick.

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